“We take great pride at Virginia Tech in doing things the right way, that's why we use Collegiate Sports Travel, they do things the right way! I leave my travel in their hands. The best rates and service I've ever had.”

John Ballein
Associate Athletic Director
Virginia Tech Football

-- John Ballein

Collegiate Sports Travel is owned and operated by Sarah Parmley and Sky Clark Cobb. The Corporate Office is located in Andalusia Alabama with our 2nd office in Houston Texas. Sarah and Sky combined have over 35+ years of experience in handling College Athletics either with this company or in the hotel business.?

Sarah and Sky took over as Co-Owners of Collegiate Sports Travel after the passing of our Founder, Debo Clark. Click here to read about Debo.

Collegiate Sports Travel specializes in premier hotel accommodations for all levels of College Athletics. Our program is devoted to schools with athletic programs, whether big or small.

We recognize the challenges that Coaches face every day when it comes to scheduling, budgets, and the details that go along with team travel and know how to help you organize and save valuable budget dollars, while still maintaining a high level of quality and service. Our skilled and professional staff provides you with excellent hotel choices at extremely competitive rates. We negotiate for our teams so they receive exactly what they are asking for.
Now here's the best part... Our service is Free to the Universities.. And who doesn't like Free??

No matter what sport you Coach or coordinate, you know how important it is to find the right athlete. You also know the importance of scouting and recruiting within your budget. We can help!

Call us today to find out how we can help you with your team travel and Recruiting!

We do the work so you don't have to. Period.


Sarah Parmley - Co-Owner >

In January 2006, Debo partnered with Sarah to form a powerful alliance for Collegiate Sports Travel. Sarah, a former National Sales Manager for Wyndham Hotels, has over 20 years of experience in handling the sports market. Her knowledge of the Hotel Industry as well as Athletic Travel provided Collegiate Sports Travel with the capability to negotiate on a different level than ever before. Based out of Houston, TX, Sarah handles development, marketing, and sales as well as being a highly skilled Team Travel Specialist. Since her addition to the company in 2006, Sarah has proven to be one of the greatest assets in Collegiate Athletic Travel.

Sky Clark - Co-Owner >

Sky has over 17 years of experience handling College Athletic Travel.  Employed since the age of 15, Sky has been a dedicated and skilled Team Travel Specialist.  Armed with a degree in Marketing & Management at the U. of West Florida, she returned to Collegiate Sports Travel to continue her career.  By being Debo's daughter and growing up in the world of college athletics, she continues to prove that she knows what it takes to handle Athletic Travel. Along with Team Travel, Sky also handles our Accounting, Marketing, and Hotel Management.