"Our staff has always enjoyed a first class relationship with Collegiate Sports Travel, Inc. They have been a tremendous help to not only our coaches but many College Coaches throughout the nation in recruiting and making travel plans easier."

Mack Brown
Head Football Coach
U. of Texas

-- Mack Brown

How our service helps your recruiting budgets

In addition to team travel, Collegiate Sports Travel, Inc. is also dedicated to assisting your Coaches in scouting and recruiting by offering complimentary or highly discounted rates while still maintaining a high level of quality and service. We understand the importance of recruiting the student athlete and giving your coaches quality hotels and at the same time saving your recruiting budgets
It’s simple….recruiting trips/rooms are a huge part of the budget for every University, “some” more than others. By saying “some”, we’re talking about the Universities that DON”T use Collegiate Sports Travel because if you use us, we will save you money. Our staff of extremely experienced “Sports Specialists” is dedicated to finding and booking the lowest rate possible for your coaches at the very best hotel available. They call us, text us, email us…. whatever is easiest for them. We handle it all….
Each year, we solicit hotels through our major brands – i.e. Marriotts, Hiltons, IHG, Choice. LaQuinta, etc. and ask them to submit recruiting rates from any and all hotels interested in obtaining transient business. In return, we assure them that they will be allowed to bid on any and all teams that are playing in their area…it’s that simple.
We also book Marriott VIP rates if your coaches prefer Marriotts as well as Hilton MVP rates, state government rates, etc..  If a city is full, we will dig and search every hotel available until we find a room for the coach…..
Collegiate Sports Travel will provide the very best in accommodations for your coaching staff using all of our resources including pre-set rates with our partner hotels, Marriott VIP rates, Hilton MVP rates, Choice Sports Travel rates, Wyndham Worldwide recruiting rate and many others. This service is absolutely free to the Universities if we handle your team travel

Nobody really likes 'em, but everybody has rules. Here's ours….

·In order to qualify for recruiting rooms, your University must book team travel through us.
·Reservations can be called in or emailed to us.
·None of our discounted rates will apply during citywide events, collegiate conventions, clinics, or during NCAA dead periods.
·Reservations for arrival that evening will need to be in our office no later than noon. Reservations for arrival on Sunday evening will need to be in our office no later than 11am on Friday.
·Please be ready with your credit card, cell phone number, preferred partner numbers, (Marriott Rewards, etc.) and your email address when you contact us for the first time. We will input this information into a secured system and keep a detailed profile on all of our coaches.
·Our office hours are Monday - Friday, 8am-5pm (Summer hours may vary). Collegiate Sports Travel will provide you with detailed confirmation info for each room booked. If you require a change after office hours, please contact the hotel directly to make the change.


Depending on which office handles your travel, you will need to either call or email one of the two offices below
Alabama Office
Phone: 334-222-2882
[email protected]

Houston Office
Phone: 832-724-6422
[email protected]